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Mr Flax is a Sydney based boutique providore that hand cures and cold smokes salmon and trout in small batches.

Only the finest quality New Zealand King Salmon and Australian Rainbow Trout is selected. Each fish is hand filleted, traditionally cured, smoked, sliced and packaged, affording it a luscious, elegant texture and rich taste.


Pin-boning a fillet of salmon by hand

#1 Prep

Each carefully selected fish is filleted, trimmed and pin-boned by hand.

Curing salmon

#2 Cure

Each unique cure recipe develops the perfect balance of flavour and texture

Smoking the salmon

#3 Smoke

A carefully selected blend of woods are brought to a smolder which is then gently wafted over the fillets.


"Just before you pleasure your palate, allow your salmon to reach room temperature. Bring it close to your mouth and let the aroma hit you as the natural oils come to the surface. Boom!!"

best seller

Smoked Salmon (200g)

Everyone has different preferences, tastes and loves. If you are unsure where to begin, Mr Flax recommend's the best selling original Smoked Salmon.


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